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New Book Alert!

So excited to jump into a new genre. However, this isn't exactly a new genre for me—more of a blending of my styles and leaning more toward the mystery side of things.

I like to combine all of my loves into a new series. Fairy tales, mystery, and slow burn clean romance.


Seventeen-year-old Everly Hart became a “griever” the day she witnessed a tragic death. Imbued with a second sight, she can now see what others cannot—supernatural creatures called grimms.

Then she receives an invitation from the Grimm Society to attend Gravemark, an exclusive school where grievers are trained to track and reap grimms. Everly thought navigating high school and dating was tough, but now her school assignments can kill her.

As victims pile up, Everly must put her investigative skills to the test and hunt the latest grimm serial killer, proving that not all princes are charming and not all fairy tales have happy endings.

Can Everly solve the case, or will she be the latest griever to become grimm bait?

Book 2 will release in December of 2023!

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I cannot wait!

Do you need any ARCs? ;)

Me gusta
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