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Check out my Frequently Asked Questions! 

The answer to your question is probably already here!!!

How did you come up with the idea for UnEnchanted?

UnEnchanted was my Nanowrimo project of 2010. I wrote 95% percent of the book in November and then finalized the last chapter a few months later. It was the child of a plot exercise I did with my husband one day during lunch. I love rewriting Fairy Tales and because I couldn’t decide which story to retell, I decided to write about the Brother’s Grimm, because it gives me access to ALL of my favorite tales.

When did you become a bestseller?

Reign an Unfortunate Fairytale hit the NYT Bestsellers list in November 2015, and was on the USA Today Bestsellers list twice that same month. Forever hit the USA Today list twice in June 2015.

Which came first the TV Show Grimm or your book?

My book was written and entered in the National Novel Writing Month project in 2010, and was being queried to agents BEFORE the TV show came out. After a year of agent rejections I decided to publish the book myself in December of 2011. So technically both. I wrote the book before the show, tried to get an agent for a year, and then finally I published it in December of 2011.

Will there be another book after Forever An Unfortunate Fairy Tale?

I have ideas for a few more books in the future, but I’m in the middle of two other series right now, so it’s currently on hold. I don’t see another book from this series for a few years.

How did you get started writing?

I was a stay at home mom raising my twins and I was about to lose my mind from boredom. I needed a creative outlet. So I wrote The Iron Butterfly and it’s sequel. Then, I wrote UnEnchanted and I began my fourth project Underland. In total, I had written almost four whole books before I even thought about publishing.

Is the Iron Butterfly Series finished?

Yes. Thalia’s story arc is currently done. I don’t have plans to continue writing books in this world.

Would you come to my Author Event?

It depends. I’ve cut back on signings to focus more on writing. It all depends on when it is and if it fits into my schedule.

In UnEnchanted you mentioned three Fairy Tales but I can only figure out two, was that an accident?

No, Mina completed three quests. Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood and…….? Guess. My intention was to make you want to pick up the Grimm Fairy Tale books and try to find the third story she completed. Also by finding the correct story, you would get hints as to what the Grimoire really is, so I didn’t want to actually name the tale. It is not one of the most popular tales, but it is one of the tales listed on Wikipedia. That is all the hints I will give you. Want to find it? Click here.

If I send you my story will you read it and/ or coach me on how to self publish?

Unfortunately No. I get requests weekly to read manuscripts and coach people on how to self publish. I barely have time to write my own books and with all of the volunteering I do. I just don't have the time.  But wish you well!

Do you give out ARC’s? Advance Reading Copies for Reviews.

I do in my facebook group called Chanda Hahn's Reader Group. I will post for reviewers there a month before a new release. You must have read and reviewed the other books in that current series to become an ARC reader. 

Can I send you my headshot and can you notify me of auditions for when this becomes a movie?

Believe me, I wish I could handle the casting, but I’m not organized enough to hold onto resumes, head shots, or audition hopefuls…especially for years. Sorry, that wouldn’t even be handled by me, if a movie was made. That’s the job of casting agents.

Can you give me any writing advice?

1. Read, Read, and then read some more.

If you love to read, then you have the potential to be a great writer or storyteller. I’ve never considered myself a great writer. In fact, I think I’m downright awful. But I consider myself a fantastic storyteller.

2. Get a great editor.

I learned this the hard way. Hire a great editor. A phenomenal editor is worth their weight in gold.

3. You need a to have a phenomenal concept.

Just because you wrote a book, doesn’t mean you will sell it and make money. In fact, it is quit the opposite. Most likely, it will sit on a digital shelf collecting cyber dust. But hey at least your wrote a book! Which is more than most people. 

4. Don’t read your reviews!!!!

I feel that reading bad reviews and ratings is almost like submitting yourself to cyber bullying. There are people who will rip your book to shreds, rip you as an author apart and tell you you're horrible etc. It will make it hard to gain confidence in yourself or keep writing. Some days I lay in bed and go “what did I do? I’m a horrible author…so and so just said so!” And I will find it very difficult to continue writing, but then I remind myself of all the teens and adults who want to know what’s going to happen next and I get up and continue the story. Telling myself everyday, I can do it! I’m a storyteller.

Just read your fan mail and the comments on your blog or website! It is way more ENCOURAGING!!!!

5. Yes, a cover does sell a book!

Please, please don’t make the cover yourself. Try and find someone who loves to play in photoshop, or a graphic design student, who wants to add to his or her portfolio. Find something that looks great as a thumbnail, because be honest with yourself, you thumb through your phone looking at the pictures to decide if you are going to stop and read the blurb.

6. Say no to Vanity

There are lots of vanity press type book publishers out there where they will offer to publish your book, but you have to pay them money to do it. Beware.

7. Why an Agent.

Getting an agent takes the mess out of dealing with foreign rights, film, TV and audio rights.

8. You can do it!

Yes, you can do all of it yourself and self publish. I use various platforms like Draft2Digital, KDP Amazon, or even Ingram Spark if you want it to be available for libraries and schools.

9. Don’t give up.

Not every book is meant to be a best seller. But every story deserves to be a book. Find yourself a support group of other writers.

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